Dino Nuts is gaming community that totals over 1,000 members and offers a range of ARK: Survival Evolved servers for their users to play on. They came to us looking for a website that could act as a community hub for their users.This website needed to contain information about the community such as:


  • Frequently asked questions.
  • Dedicated server information.
  • In-game rules & rates.
  • Events calendar.
  • Vote tracker.





Responsive Design

Website Design



The Design

Upon research we noticed that the majority of gaming community websites are very heavily image based which impacted load times a lot. Thankfully the team over at Dino Nuts were looking for something clean, functional and fast.


The functionality behind the website was a challenge. We needed to create content that people would feel compelled to use, something that would be used on a daily basis that was both elegant and user friendly.


Steam Connect

Integrating Steam into the website was important as it is the primary method of connecting to their ARK servers. As Dino Nuts offer three main servers, we created links to each on the website that when clicked would open up the Steam, start the game and connect the user to their servers.

Events Calendar

Dino Nuts faced the issue of not having a central location for all their events to be listed. Which is why we implemented an events calendar that would list the event title, date, time and description. It also enabled users to click a button and add it to their personal Google Calendar.

Voting System

Tracking who had voted was proving to be rather difficult, which is why we came up with a solution that would utilise the Steam API and ark-servers API in order to track who had voted and how many times they had voted per month. The staff found this was easier to use and actually encouraged their users to vote.


Final Thoughts

Working with the team at Dino Nuts made for a fun and exciting project. They knew what they wanted and how it needed to be done. Being able to work with the Steam API gave room to new and interesting possibilities.

We look forward to our continual work with Dino Nuts and future project we shall embark upon.



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