Search Engine Optimisation

Increase your rankings

Now more than ever it is essential that your website is search engine friendly. A recent study in SEO suggests that over 83% of users do not go past the second page of search results on Google. It is imperative that you take steps to ensure that your website can be found easily by all search engines to increase the traffic to your website.







The Process


We will have a chat about your requirements on the phone, online or over a nice cuppa, it is important for us to understand you and how your business operates. We will outline your requirements, how we can achieve them and make any suggestions to achieve the desired solution to meet your needs.



We shall do some research to find out how your website currently functions, what areas could be improved from an SEO standpoint and also have a look into how your competition operates to determine how to best improve your search engine rankings.



With the information we have gathered from our research we will start to analyse and create a solution tailored to your specific requirements in order to boost up your rankings in search engines. A detailed report shall be provided to you whilst we await your approval for implementation.



Once we have your approval we shall implement the specified changes that were outlined in our report. Once implemented we will monitor the impact that the optimisations have had and adjust accordingly.

What's next?

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process as the algorithms used by search engines are being constantly being updated to account for new changes in practise. This means that from time to time your website will need tweaking to ensure it is as SEO friendly as possible.

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