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Design with a flare

Our designers have a passion for all things web, we love nothing more than to sit down and bring your ideas to life. We work very closely with each of our clients to ensure a clear line of communication, so that you can rest assured knowing that we will create the perfect website to represent your brand. You will be able to log in to our client area and track the progress of the project by leaving feedback as we design your website.

We have a keen eye for usability, which is why using the powerful content management system (CMS) we provide you will be able to manage your website with no prior website design experience, it is as simple as drag and drop to update and manage your website.

Bespoke Design

Mobile Ready

Powerful CMS

SEO Friendly

The Process


We will have a chat about your requirements on the phone, online or over a nice cuppa, it is important for us to understand you and how your business operates. We will outline your requirements, how we can achieve them and make any suggestions to achieve the desired solution to meet your needs.



Once we have gathered all information we require, we will create a solution tailored to your needs and present it to you for your approval. We shall work together to refine this solution until it is perfect and meets your needs. This will give us the tools we need to start crafting a design for you.



It’s time for our designers to put their headphones on and get on with designing your tailor made solution. We shall maintain a line of communication with you throughout this whole process to ensure you are kept up to date with all recent developments on your website.



We shall rigorously test your websites against many use cases to ensure that your website meets the latest and greatest coding standards. It is important that your website is mobile and tablet ready, search engine friendly (SEF) and provides great user experience. Once our tests are done it’s time to get your final approval.



We have had your final approval and the wait is over, it’s time to go to launch! If you have chosen to host your website with us we will offer you 3 months free hosting. Alternatively if you prefer to host your website elsewhere we will give you the relevant files!

What's next?

We would love to continue to work with you and further support your brand, which is why we offer ongoing maintenance after your website has been launched so you can rest assured know that your website is getting the updates it needs.

As part of our ongoing maintenance we will keep an eye on your website to ensure that any security vulnerabilities are patched as soon as possible. We shall regularly go through your website to ensure that it stays up to date, SEO friendly and secure.

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